Yahoo Acquires 12-Week-Old Startup, IntoNow

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Yahoo Recently Acquired Startup, IntoNow12 week old Startup, IntoNow, has reportedly been acquired by Yahoo!, for ~$20 Million !! Not a bad 3 month turn around huh?

Think that’s a little bit nuts?  It’s understandable, but many industry people are calling the move very wise.  The speed of the deal may have surprised people, but it may have been just in time.

According to a report, Facebook & Twitter were interested in the startup as well.

What is IntoNow?

If you consider that this company went from $0 to about $20 Million in 3 months you would think they must have a great product.  Well that seems to be the word on the street.  The company offers an iPhone app that is called a mix between Shazam and FourSquare.

Shazam is a music recognition app that lets you play music and have Shazam tell you what song it is, the artist, etc.  FourSquare is a social media site that lets you “check-in” at businesses and other establishments eventually accumulating enough of these check-ins to become that venue’s “mayor” (among other ‘awards’)

“IntoNow makes engaging with your friends around your favorite television shows easy and fun. Just tap the green button when you’re watching, and IntoNow will identify the show, right down to the episode. Once identified it’s easy to share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.” –

Basically, it’s another way for you to share what you are doing, with your friends. Sharing and communicating what you are doing, what you think is cool or interesting, etc is the latest craze.  The new Facebook SEND Button feature which was just launched is in this same spirit.

What is next for IntoNow and Yahoo?

IntoNow has been acquired by YahooTime will tell what the plans are for IntoNow in the eyes of Yahoo.  We feel it would be in everyone’s best interest to allow IntoNow to continue operating as is, just with a very nice added influx of Yahoo Funds.  Additionally, we would think that Yahoo would help the currently iPhone only application to be expanded to Android, Ipad, etc.


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