Website Designers Ommitting Search Engine Optimization

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It has been my consistent experience that many website designers & website design companies choose to omit “SEO Best Practices” from their projects. I have heard from many of my clients that they were either not told about what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization) or how important it is to the success of drawing traffic

to a website (especially new sites).  Unfortunately for these individuals, they have been led down a path they are unfamiliar with and left to fend for themselves when the Website Designer delivers the “finished” product.

My first piece of advice is as follows: If you have a website currently in development or are planning one in the near future, make sure that you discuss SEO with your designer and make sure they are going to utilize generally accepted best practices in optimizing your site for search engines. If they are not familiar with SEO or try to tell you “yea… you don’t need that on your site. It won’t help” or “your site really isn’t big enough for SEO”, Run Away! Ha-ha, while running away may not be an option, it should not be difficult to find a free lancer to collaborate with the Designer.

At the very least, Meta Tags should be implemented [Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword tags that should be included on every page of your site and should be unique and relevant to the specific page] The purpose of these tags is to inform the Search Engines of the information contained within the page.

Secondly, if you recently completed a website project and your site is not optimized, contact your designer or another individual/company about adding SEO to your site.

Lastly, if you have had a website for a while (3+ years) and your site is not optimized you should consider a redesign as well as the necessary Optimization. In the past, as well as currently, websites have been made using Frames. For more information about Frames, visit “Why are designers still using frames?” Furthermore, there are many internal navigation strategies and url-naming strategies that have become more prevalent over the past few years.

While a site redesign may be necessary in some cases, a simple round of SEO may work for you as well. When I say “simple round” I am not in any way attempting to say that SEO is a simple process, but a low budget version of SEO [META tags and some onsite optimization] may help increase traffic to your site a bit.

It would be best to speak with a professional, and someone other than your original designer, to see if a site-redesign is best for you.

Most importantly, don’t feel alone. Most websites that you come across are NOT optimized. It is unfortunate that people do not realize the benefits and really the necessity of SEO in their sites. SEO is a practice that has been gaining major traction in the internet realm. Without it, you site will fall in line with the other billions out there. Take the necessary steps in presenting your site in the proper why to the Search Engines and you will be rewarded for it.

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