Website Design Process


Website Design Initial Meeting:

This meeting is vital to the success of the overall project because this is the time when goals and expectations of the Client are discussed as well as when the work and process of UBE, Inc. is explained.

Website Design’s Goal Assessment:

Working with specific Goals in mind during the Website Design Process is very important. By understanding what the Client hopes to accomplish with the Website allows UBE, Inc. to better design for specific results.

Industry & Competition’s Website Analysis:

UBE, Inc. staff will perform Keyword Research, Competitor Review, and general industry research. Once we have an understanding of your business, we research what others in your industry (including direct competition) are doing with their online and offline marketing strategies


Your Website’s Feature Overview:

What features or functionality will be achieved with this Website Design Project? This is an important question to ask and detailed Functionality Outlines are necessary to be sure the Website does everything the Client wants it to do

Feature Scope Build:

The scope is a document that details all functionality and features for Website project. This is created and reviewed by the Client and UBE, Inc. to assure all features are included. E-Commerce sites have much more in depth Scopes than a simple 5 page informational site. This covers all technical requirements for the Website Build.

Website’s Information Outline:

How the information within a Website is structured and connected is very important. Search Engines, and Users, like to see well organized, easy to follow information throughout Websites.

Additionally, depending on the size or overall function of the Website, is a Content Management System (CMS) necessary, or an E-Commerce Shopping Cart.

Step 3: DESIGN

Wireframe & Website Mockups

Using all the information from previous steps we beging designing the core of our Website. We design Wireframes (samples of how pages and information will be linked together) as well as Mockups of the Website’s design (samples).

When the Wireframs & Mockups are approved by the Client we begin the actual developement of the Website.


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