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UBE, Inc was recently mentioned in a white house videoRecently Newsweek and the White House worked together to ask Americans about their thoughts on President Obama’s “American Jobs Act” and it’s impact on Young Americans  [see tweet below].

UBE, Inc posted a reply to the question posing own our question to the President and his staff on. Below you can find the tweets as well as the full [30min] video and a short [3min] video including the response to our question.

Tweet from NewsWeek

“REMINDER: Have a Q for @WhiteHouse re: American Jobs Act & impact on young Americans? Tweet it w/ hashtag #WHBeast

For those of you unfamiliar with how Twitter works, here’s a quick run down.

NewsWeek is sharing this ‘Tweet’ [140 character snippet of info/message] with all of their Followers [approximately 1.6million of them] asking those followers to post their own Tweet about how they feel about the American Jobs Act and if they have any questions for the President and his staff. NewsWeek then instructs tweeters to use the WHBeast ‘Hashtag’ [a sort of label that helps NewsWeek keep track of responses to this question separate from others].

UBE was mentioned in the White House recently

Our Response

@Newsweek @WhiteHouse Prez spoke lots re:Construction jobs how bout #techjobs, #internetjobs, educating SMB’s how 2 grow their bizz #WHBeast

As an Online Marketing company we are very much interested in how political action and plans effect the country and more specifically how these plans impact our industry.  Our response asked while Construction Jobs (and Teaching Jobs) where addressed in the AJA (american jobs act) there was, and usually is, very little mentioned about jobs in the Technology fields.

And a few days later….

“WATCH: @WhiteHouse Answers Q’s About Obama’s #AmericanJobsAct in Web Chat, Including One From NewsBeast Reader @ubeinc http://t.co/fNa6MyVO”

And our questions was picked!!! Hooray for us. This was super exciting. Just the thought of someone in the White House found that question to be worthy, among all the others, to be chosen and answered was a nice surprise.  While they didn’t exactly answer the question in full and pronounced our name wrong (U . B . E . Inc) we are still very appreciative of the opportunity. Thanks NEWSWEEK

Just to be clear….

I feel it is of the utmost importance to continue improving, expanding, and revolutionizing jobs and job opportunities in this space. Take a look at Google who know employs more than 20,000 ppl and you can same the of Facebook and others (on smaller levels). Making sure to expand in the fields of Computer Programming, Computer Engineering, Internet Technologies and more will lead to better, more cost effective Technologies as well as more jobs being created.

To this point, I have never said I know, nor pretend to know, even half of what I need to in order to hold up my end of a political debate. However, I do feel it is important for our Government to better embrace, and better support, technology as a major player in the future of this country and it’s economic rebound.

White House Video Snippet

full video available on YouTube.com/UBEInc

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