Top Chrome & Google+ Commercials of 2011

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Google Chrome & Google+ Commercials 2011In the past Google hasn’t put much behind advertising on television. However, 2011 saw several high quality commercials put out by Google promoting new or improved products and tools.

Google+, Google Chrome, Android and more were all featured in numerous videos this year. We’ve compile 4 of the ones we think are the best… Enjoy!

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

This commercial gives you a full grasp of all the great tools Google Chrome can bring together for you. Tools like Gmail, Picassa, YouTube, Maps/Streetview, and more allow Daniel Lee, “Dad”, to compose years of emails, photos, videos, etc to his daughter, Sophie. The commercial is a tear jerker for sure and closes with the (very fitting) tagline, “The web is what you make of it”.

Google Chrome: Angry Birds

Chrome does it all. Not only can we create documents and spreadsheets, send email and store photos/videos, but Chrome allows us to get our ‘game’ on with everyone’s favorite group of winged troublemakers, Angry Birds.

That’s right, Angry Birds is not only accessible on your mobile devices but instead you can spend hours upon hours playing with your furry friends right in your Google Chrome browser…. What’s YOUR high score?

Google+: Circles Love Story

Google+ made it’s debut in 2011. Positioned as a social network/overall meeting place of all of the Google products and services you love, Google+ saw more than 40 million members join in it’s first month.

The video [below] shows the benefits of “Circles”. One of the main features of Google+. Circles are great because as soon as you start on Google+ you begin adding friends/connections to them. These are lists or groupings that help you share your information only to the people you want to. The video brings us through the tale of boy meets girl, girl thinks boy is a “creeper”, girl begins liking boy more and more until finally… well, you’ll see below.

Google+: Hangout With The Muppets

Kermit, Swedish Chef, Gonzo, Animal and others all join the ‘show’ in this video [below] highlighting one of the standout features of Google+, “Hangouts”. Hangouts are essentially group video chat.

There have been some cool enhancements for Hangouts since it first launched with the Google+ platform including Hangouts with Extras (allowing you to share your screen with other participants, share documents, and more) as well as Hangouts with Broadcast which allows you to share you hangout with an unlimited group of people (normal limit is 10 ppl).

We are excited to see what Google comes out with in 2012 and some of the great commercials they create to promote those products.

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