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This course was fantastic! I applied what I learned and it has paid off big time.  If you are using Google AdWords or are thinking about using Google AdWords this course is for you.  Invest $50.00 upfront and receive a $50.00 coupon after the class.    I would attend another class.

Nancy Nappo


I enjoyed and learned a lot in your Google Seminar. I especially enjoyed the questions from the attendees and your answers. Seth, thanks for taking time to answer all our questions, especially mine. I definitely would like to attend another of your seminars.

Thanks again, Liliana Wilson


I learned more useful tools to grow my business in a 3 hour course than I did with 4 years of college. Advertising with AdWords lets people looking specifically for me, FIND ME!

Seth does a wonderful job teaching anyone with basic web surfing skills how to advertise online. He explains how important it is to be found on the web, how to set up adverting budgets and marketing strategies in a few easy steps.  His slides are easy to understand and his dictation and pace are perfect.

The best fifty bucks I ever spent.  I even got a $50 coupon so it was practically free. His class saved my business.

An extremely satisfied customer
Adam Samad


I just wanted to say I really appreciated your Google presentation on Monday.  I’ve been using AdWords for several years now, but I learned so much in just one night.

The importance of Quality Scores, How my cost per click is really calculated, Ad Extensions, . . .

I’ve been spending  the last few days going over my whole AdWords campaign and I’m eager to see the results in improved Ad Effectiveness.

Thank you so much – I’ll be looking forward to your next seminar in July.

Jeff Bennett


General Services


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“As a consultant and IT expert, Seth has been very helpful, knowledgeable and to the point, and was able to guide me through a couple of social media conundrums that no one else was able to answer for me at the time.

As demonstrated by his timely work with Google and Facebook, I have also found Seth to be consistently on the forefront of technology and social media trends, news, and updates. I consider Seth and his business blog to be a highly reliable source of information. Seth is a pleasure to work and connect with, and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.”

July 6, 2011
Aria McLauchlan


One of best investments I ever made, by far, was having Seth Meyerwitz of UBE create and optimize my website.  Not only did he design a website that looked phenomenal, but he also knew exactly what I should do to optimize my website to attract more clients to the site.

One of the things he told me to do was to write a little info about each event I performed at so he can put it on my website. One of the parties I decided to write about was a party I did at an ice skating rink.  A couple of weeks later, a client found me just by googling the words “Djs ice skating rink”.

I could not believe that this actually worked and clients found me online because of this, just incredible!

I highly recommend Seth to anyone who wants there business to succeed.

Thank You Seth, I couldn’t be happier!

Joe Marazita
Maximum DJ’s – www.MaximumDJs.com


I can’t say enough about Seth Meyerowitz! As a filmmaker with fledgling funds, I approached Seth for his help on an official website for our documentary feature. Seth jumped at the prospect of working with us from conception to execution, resulting in the perfect functioning website for our film. I highly recommend Seth & UBE, Inc. and am eternally grateful for his patience, generosity and expert advice!

Carlye Rubin
Reel Nice LTD & The Club Documentary
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


We hired Seth to do SEO work for our website www.carsonoptical.co m . Seth could write a book on how to manage SEO work. As a result of his work, our Google Page Rank has increased considerably. And we are now finding ourselves on the first page of certain popular Google queries. I would recommend Seth highly.

Rich Cameron
Carson Optical – www.CarsonOptical.com
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time


Seth is leader and pioneer in search engine marketing as well as a top notch service provider. I have worked with Seth on a number of online marketing initiatives for clients and he has shown exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and an ability to make me feel as though my time was his top priority. I would definitely recommend Seth to anyone looking to utilize him in any capacity.

Gabe Elliott
Account Executive, Yahoo! (business partner)
November 30, 2009


Seth was one of my clients during my time as an Account Strategist in Online Sales with Google. Seth took a vested interested in making sure that all of his clients’ accounts performed well, and that they were taking advantage of both the right ROI and growth opportunities. Seth stays on the cutting edge of Google updates and products, and though he usually agreed with our recommendations, he was sure to ask tough questions to make sure those recommendations were right for the client. Seth is a great partner and advocate, and gets results for his customers.

Charlae Washington
Google, Inc.
Account Strategist, Online Sales – Automotive


As an Account Executive at Yahoo!, I had the opportunity to work with many advertising agencies, consultants, and internet experts. Seth Meyerowitz at UBE Inc. was a true pleasure to work with because of his professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine care for his clients. As nebulous and quickly changing as internet marketing and advertising can be, Seth displayed a tremendous amount of comprehension in his proactive approach in learning about new products and opportunities in order to better service his clients. I would certainly refer any business that desires to harness the power of the internet to Seth’s capable hands.

Josh McCaughey
Account Executive, Yahoo! (business partner)


We brought Seth on-board as a consultant for a PPC (pay per click) project this past spring. He proved himself to be knowledgeable, professional, and extremely accommodating. He has the ability to speak about the internet and its intricacies in a way that we could easily understand and use, and his obvious enthusiasm about anything ‘web’ is contagious.

Seth also shared his online expertise with our team in a private seminar here at our office. We started with an overview of internet marketing, SEO and SEM… and then he fielded our questions for quite a while regarding how we could take this knowledge and use it to the best advantage of our clients. His knowledge and his willingness to share it have been valuable assets, and I’m sure we will be working with him in the future.

Barbara Keough
Flynn & Friends, Buffalo NY
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value


I have known Seth, first as a student in classes I teach at the University at Buffalo, and now as a professional expert on the subjects of internet advertising, search engine optimization, and website development. He is easy to talk to, passionate about what he does, and provides expert (and easy to understand) advice.

I am honored to have had Seth pass through my classroom, to have the pleasure to work with him in his (and mine) professional world, and to be able to ask for his assistance on things I need help with. I look forward to working with him on many more projects throughout both of our careers.

Marc Adler
V.P. Client Services
Flynn & Friends, Buffalo NY
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

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