Teach Siri To Tweet (7 Simple Steps)

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Among the many features that the new Apple iOS5 offers there is one that many believe will prove to shine through as an all-star atop to the rest.  The SIRI personal assistant functionality has already been the topic of much conversation as well as some fun and games.

While the Siri app can do lots of cool stuff we are going to show you one of the handier functions, Having Siri Tweet for You.

Step 1:

Step one in our process takes place over on your desktop/laptop computer (or full browser tablet).  Head over to Twitter and follow these few steps to enable Text Messaging (if you have already set this up, go ahead and jump right to Step number 5)

To enable Twitter Text Messages click on the drop down tab at the top right of the screen (clicking your username).  The go ahead and click “Settings” [see below]

Note: remember to check out your data/texting options on your mobile phone plan/service. If you have a limited allotted number of text messages or data usage this may be costly.

Step 2:

Step two in the process is very simple. Once on your settings tab head over to the MOBILE settings tab. [see below]

Teaching Siri How To Tweet - Step 2

Step 3:

Once on the Mobile Settings tab you are ready for step three which is entering you phone number and clicking start.

Teaching Siri How To Tweet Step 3

Note: there is an optional setting here to allow (or disallow) users to search and subsequently find you via a phone number. If you do not want to be findable via your phone number be sure to uncheck this box (should be checked by default).

Step 4:

Now onto step four where you will need to pick up your handy-dandy new iPhone 4S for some verification steps.  On your computer screen you should see a note that states “we need to make sure we can receive messages from your phone”.

Teaching Siri How To Tweet Step 4

Step 5:

Now, on your phone, head into the Twitter App and prepare to send a text message to the number you see on your desktop screen. Send a text message to that number with the text of the message being simply GO without quotes.

Teaching Siri How To Tweet Step 5

Step 6:

We are suggesting, for step six to add this Twitter number to your phone’s contact list. Making a new contact is easy and you can do so by hitting the plus (+) sign and naming it accordingly (Twitter, or whatever you would like).  For the number field, type in 40404 and note that while it may appear like this (404-04) it will still work.

Teaching Siri How To Tweet Step 6

Step 7:

Step seven is the last step. Siri, your iPhone 4s and twitter are all ready to play with each other.  Start up Siri and say “Text Twitter, (and then say your message) “. for example: “Text Twitter, siri is helping me tweet”. The very polite Siri should read the message back to you.  Siri should then ask you if the message is correct. If it is correct go ahead (Siri will ask “ready to send”, say “yes”.

If there was a mistake or Siri misunderstood you (she isn’t perfect) you can make changes and edits to your tweet, by hand, right on screen. (note: we forsee this being an issue when trying to tweet links of course).

Teaching Siri How To Tweet Step 7

When you are satisfied with the Tweet just go ahead and hit send and you are all set.  You have now sent you first, of many, Siri Tweets.

We hope this has worked for you. We will do our best to keep posting useful information about the Siri Personal Assistant and other iPhone features… Enjoy

[some photos from this post courtesy of Mashable.com]

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