SEO Process

Step 1: Search Engine Optimization Assessment

Initial SEO Meeting:

We discuss with the Client the Keyword Terms & Phrases they feel are important and relevant to their Website and Business. We make sure to cover all the different products and services the Client offers to have full exposure.

SEO Goal Assessment:

By creating Goals, both long term and short term, we can have milestones to gauge our accomplishments over time. Search Engine Optimization is not a guarenteed science and results can come in a few days or several months.

Keyword Research & Analysis:

One of the most important steps in the Search Engine Optimization process is Analysis and Research to discover the best Keywords & Phrases to use within your Website and target with your Website’s Content.

Step 2: Search Engine Optimization Planning

SEO Baseline Audits:

Inorder to find out if our efforts are working, we must first do a Baseline Audit. This will identify our Current Rakings, Inbound Links, Traffic Stats, and more. By looking at this information we can better assess where to begin the work of Optimizing your Website for Search Engine Ranking.

SEO Strategy Outline:

We use our Audits to create an outline for our work. For example, if we find the Client’s Website is Ranking on page 2 for certain terms, we may begin our work their and later move to terms that are Ranking on Pages 3 or higher.

Step 3: Search Engine Optimization Implementation

On-Site SEO

Content Optimization
Internal Linking Structure
Image Optimization

more On-Site SEO info

Off-Site SEO

Analytics & Tracking
Link Building

more Off-Site SEO info

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