On-Site SEO

Optimizing Your Website’s Content

“Content is King” – Search Engines put a high level of importance on your Website’s Content (words, pictures, links, etc). By Optimizing your that Content by paying attention some of the Search Engine’s guidelines can help increase your positioning for your top Keywords.

Optimizing Your Website’s Internal Linking Structure

Website Architecture is somethign we work on from the very start. An easy to navigate website is important to Search Engines as well as users. The structure of your Website’s Links, Proper Anchor Text and Relevant Linking Techniques will increase your Website’s Optimization.

Optimizing Your Website’s Images

Using Keyword Relevant names on your Website’s Images is yet another way to help increase your Website’s Optimization. Naming an image with Keywords helps the Search Engines recognize that image and it’s relevance to the rest of your Website.

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