Sample Google AdWords Account Structure

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Making sure that you set up your account properly is a key to a well optimized, efficient and highly ROI driven marketing strategy.  Your Google AdWords account is designed to work well with a strategic breakdown of your products/services.  You can organize your advertisements and keywords based on Campaigns (high level services/products) and Ad Groups (sub products/services).

For example, an Electrician
Residential Interior, Residential Exterior, Commercial Interior, Commercial Exterior.
Ad Groups
Residential Interior (Kitchen, Bathroom, Attic, etc)
Residential Exterior (Entrance Ways, Security Lighting, Accent Lighting, etc)
Residential Interior, Kitchen (Electric Stove Repair, Electric Oven Repair, etc)

By breaking out your keywords into these groups you can apply settings for Budgets and Targeting (day and location) as well as other settings.  Make sure that when choosing Keywords & Advertisements that they are relevant to each other within those groups and are relevant to the Landing Pages that the ads/keywords will link to.

The more relevant your keywords and ads are to the Ad Groups that they are in, and the more relevant the Ad Groups are to the Campaigns that they are in, the higher your Account’s Quality Score will be.

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