Pre Qualify Pay Per Click Traffic

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There are many things to consider when Optimizing a Pay Per Click Account.  You can change your CPC’s (Cost Per Click), change your Geo-Graphic Targeting Settings, add new Keywords and remove others, and more.  One method you should utilize is making changes to your Pay Per Click Account’s Ad Text.

Making changes to your Account’s Ad Text can help you Pre-Qualify the people that are clicking on those ads. There are plenty of reasons to make changes to the Ad Text.  Making sure that a potential clicker knows you offer a “Minimum Package” or “Certain Brands” are both perfect examples of Ad Text changes that will help you only get the clicks you want.

Example Ad Text Changes to Pre-Qualify Your Traffic

TV World Account Old Text Ad:
We have TVs. Lots of Brands
and Sizes. Check us out!

Now, let’s assume that TV world only has TV’s starting at $750. Or, more likely, they want to try and drive traffic for higher priced TVs.  They may consider including a “Starting At” price.  This will let a potential clicker who only wants to spend $500 know he shouldn’t click this ad.  In turn, TV World should see an increase in sales for the higher priced TV’s as well as a greater ROI.  These ads are only samples and they can use some work.

TV World Account Old Text Ad:
We have TVs. LED, Plasma,
and LCD TV’s Starting at $750!

There are many other methods for Optimizing your Pay Per Click Account.

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