Posting Your Information on Facebook

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It is very important for you to be mindful and careful when you post information to Facebook (and any other social media site).  Most Facebook users dont have a good understanding of how to use the privacy settings offered by Facebook and therefore leave themselves vulnerable to spammers and hackers who may want to scrub their information; address, phone number, email address, etc.  Spammers then use this information to send out spam emails, text messages, etc.  Very often, people who have not set up their privacy settings or have their information readily available contract computer viruses or find that their email accounts have been hacked and that they are sending out viruses through their address box.

To keep yourself safe, I suggest a few things.  Firstly, do not put your actual address on Facebook.  There is no reason that you should need to have that information public and in the same regards, your phone number.  Do not put your phone number on your Facebook profile.  If you feel that you would like to put your Email Address on your profile, I recommend putting a secondary email address.  This way, if you begin receiving spam to that account, you can set your spam filter higher than you might on your primary account, or just delete the account all together.

Additionally, be sure to utilize the Privacy Settings.  There have been many improvements to the privacy policies since Facebook first launched and if you are concerned or feel you have too much information on your profile, take a few minutes to set up your settings.  You have many options of who to show information to, and what information to show.  You may choose to show pictures to anyone that views your profile, only to your friends and friends of friends, or only to your friends.  Furthermore, you can choose to show other profile components on an individual setting.  This includes your photos, but also includes your wall, your videos, your games, etc.

Be careful about the information you make available on your profile.  Facebook profiles will often show up in search results ahead of sites you might actually want to show.  For example, a search for your name may show your profile page ahead of your actual website.  It might be embarrassing for a potential client to find your Facebook page before your actual business website.

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