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On-Site Search Engine Optimization: came to UBE after a full site redesign had some negative side effects on the site’s SEO credentials. The website, which was capturing 10,000+ hits/day before the redesign saw a drop in traffic after.

UBE worked with TCS staff and trained them on proper SEO techniques to use when they created new content for the site (several new articles every day). This was just the start. As of Dec. 2010, we were working with them to go back and optimize their over 2,000 current articles.

Some of the Search Engine Optimization Strategies we used for this site include:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Proper Pages Names
  • Optimized Body Content
  • Image Optimization
  • And More!

Breaking News – because features many current event topics, UBE worked with the client on Breaking News Strategies to better utilize “hot topics” to help Drive Traffic to their site. We have some really great information about this over on our Website Design, SEO & PPC blog.

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