Pay Per Click

PPC Expertise:
Our Expertise in the Pay Per Click realm is extensive. UBE currently manages over $100K+/per month in Pay Per Click Advertising for various clients.

PPC Certifications:
UBE, Inc. is Certified in the 3 major Pay Per Click Platforms: Google AdWords | Yahoo Search | Bing !

PPC Support Teams:
We work with the BEST support teams to offer the highest level of service to our PPC Clients.

PPC Testimonails From Search Employees:
Check out a few testimonials from Google & Yahoo Employees who’ve worked with UBE.

Step 1: Assessment & Planning

Pay Per Click Goal Assessment:

Figuring out what the Client’s goals are with Pay Per Click Marketing is always our first step and driving the HIGHEST QUALITY PPC TRAFFIC our priority.

Industry & Competition Analysis:

Keyword Research, Competitor Review, and general industry research.  We work with our Pay Per Click Support Teams at the Search Engines to help with background analysis which helps us get started on the right foot.

Step 2: Account Setup

PPC Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads & Keywords

While setting up the Pay Per Click Account we make sure to create well organized and relevant Campaigns to assure highest Quality Scores according to that Search Engines Specifications.

Pay Per Click Account Settings, Tracking

Settings for your account includes Geo Targeting, Demographic Targeting, Day Parting, CPC’s, Landing Page Selections and more. Utilizing proper tracking techniques to track your Pay Per Click account’s performance is vital!

Step 3: Optimization & Ongoing Maintenance

Optimizing Your Pay Per Click Account

Pay Per Click Accounts require continuous maintenance and updating. It is very important to review performance and make sure your Campaigns are operating at their peak Return on Investment.

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