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Google City Sites & PagesRecently, Google has created a number of ‘portal’ type pages or perhaps we can call them sites dedicated to various cities.  It looks like it may be a nice place for Google to present several of their different products in one central, clean location.

Google Places Pages, Mobile, Events, Google Offers and other service promotions can all be seen on the new “City Pages”.


The new pages are a very nice, crisp directory display of local businesses and fun things to do around the cities.  These city sites continue in the spirit of Google’s (among others) efforts in LOCAL.  Local, social, and mobile are the 3 biggest trends and Google has combined all three with this new product.  The City Pages do a nice job of displaying much of the info that you may also find in Google Maps, just in a bit of a nicer, more interactive manner.

Only a Few City Pages to Start

As described by Google in their Small Biz Blog, the city pages help you “Discover Local Gems” for these four cities so far (Portland Oregon, Austin Texas, San Diego California and Madison Wisconsin).  New pages should start popping up soon.

It may be hard to find these pages so we’ve provided links:

Popular Portland…

Portland has been pretty useful for Google lately in their recent product launches. Portland is feature as one of the flagships for this feature as well as the Google Wallet launch a couple of weeks back.  Google also used Portland for Google Offers (in heavy collaboration with Google Wallet)

Google City Pages - Portland

Taking a look at the screenshot above, you see lots of great local information. An alphabetical business directory sortable by rating, category or attribute.  An integration of local events which ties nicely into Google Calendar and also access to local Google Offers.  Of course, there is integration of Google Places Pages.

It will be interesting to see the evolution of these pages and time will tell if they become popular destinations.

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