May 11, 2011 Adwords 101 Seminar

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The Google and AdWords 101 seminar is an excellent resource for those that need a base level of understanding of Google Tools including AdWords, Analytics, Webmaster Tools and more.

These courses explain how businesses can look to open a whole new market and touch a whole new customer base through Google and other online networks.  We have plenty of time for Q&A and lot’s of useful tips and strategies.




Seth’s Google Seminar was totally inspiring. Pigtronix got a much needed shot in the arm of ‘marketing juice’.  We are in for a 201 session.


Just attended The Online Marketing and Google Ad Words seminar presented by Seth Meyerowitz of UBE, Inc.- Wow I think every minute of the time I spent listening at the seminar offered something I really will use in my business. He will be offering again on June 14th. Well worth the time and reasonable cost. Thank You


Gained so much new knowledge that I want to run with thanks to @ubeinc.

Great seminar.



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