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this post was taken from an article written for the Bellmore Chamber of Commerce’s Monthly Newsletter

Continuing in our “Tech Talk” series, let’s stay on the “Social Media” highway and make a pit stop at LinkedIn (that’s it for the corny analogies… promise). If you remember some of the points made in our previous article, we discussed some of the benefits and capabilities of Facebook and how using it properly can help to increase business and your networking potential. At its heart, Facebook is a social media application meant for PEOPLE to talk/connect to other PEOPLE. LinkedIn, on the other hand, was developed for, and maintains a goal of, Business to Business connections.

While building your personal network is extremely important, it is vital to remember that building your business’s network is important as well. LinkedIn allows you to create a personal profile which, instead of focusing on your favorite hobbies and TV shows, asks about your work related background. Past jobs and current careers are the focuses of your profile and will, in-turn, connect you to others in your company, job field, and industry. LinkedIn has many of the same functions and options as Facebook does and allows you to post a picture, connect to friends, and join groups and more.

One of the main differences between LinkedIn and other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc), is many of the tools focus around business and industry. Create a group for example about “Long Island Small Businesses”, and connect with other small business owners in the local community. While Facebook has the same function, the audience of LinkedIn generally does not consist of anyone not in the work force. High school and college kids for example would have very little reason or desire to join this business environment.

LinkedIn is pretty basic in comparison to the powerhouse Facebook platform but is leaps and bounds ahead of what I consider to be a waste of time in Twitter. Let’s save the “Tweeting” (a new term for the act of using Twitter) for another article.

That’s it for now. I hope you all enjoyed the second installment of “Tech Talk”. If you have any questions or comments or would like to suggest a topic for a future post, please feel free to contact the chamber at BellmoreCC (@) or myself directly at chamber (@)


Seth Meyerowitz

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