June 27, 2011 AdWords 101 Seminar

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The Google and AdWords 101 seminar is an excellent resource for those that need a base level of understanding of Google Tools including AdWords, Analytics, Webmaster Tools and more.

These courses explain how businesses can look to open a whole new market and touch a whole new customer base through Google and other online networks.  We have plenty of time for Q&A and lot’s of useful tips and strategies.



Great Seminar that really brings everything together in a useful format that you can apply to your business now. Seth really knows his way around the ever changing Google landscape.. It is foolish not to find the time to attend this seminar… If nothing else you will understand how to talk intelligently with a internet technologist about your business on the net !!


I have basic web-site knowledge however, at this course, I was given much insight especially about how Goole “Ticks” and its free services and tools.

I especially appreciated his comment “is your business set up for Adwords”? This help me put the course in perspective and helped me realize my fist steps in being successful.

Overall I would highly recommend this course to fellow business owners, especially the ones who think understand the Google thing and the advertising advantages.

Thanks, Seth, Great Job!!!!


We have been using AdWords for about 3 years with, what we thought, was very good success.  The Google seminar showed me that we were not using the AdWords program to its fullest capacity.

Now I am fine tuning our account, creating Ad Groups, selecting better keywords and taking advantage of Google Analytics, Alerts, the Keyword tool and other features.

Seth’s presentation was clear and concise with easy to follow instructions with an understanding of the why and how of AdWords.  I got back to the office and started using features he presented and I know we will see much greater results very soon.

I would advise anyone that is new to AdWords and especially those already with an account to attend this very affordable seminar – the return on your investment will be well worth it.

Thank you Seth for a fine presentation.  I’ll be seeing you at Google 201!


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