June 20, 2011 AdWords 101 Seminar

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Google AdWords 101 Seminar

The Google and AdWords 101 seminar is an excellent resource for those that need a base level of understanding of Google Tools including AdWords, Analytics, Webmaster Tools and more.

These courses explain how businesses can look to open a whole new market and touch a whole new customer base through Google and other online networks.  We have plenty of time for Q&A and lot’s of useful tips and strategies.


I enjoyed and learned a lot in your Google Seminar. I especially enjoyed the questions from the attendees and your answers. Seth, thanks for taking time to answer all our questions, especially mine. I definitely would like to attend another of your seminars.
Thanks again.


I just wanted to say I really appreciated your Google presentation on Monday.  I’ve been using AdWords for several years now, but I learned so much in just one night.

The importance of Quality Scores, How my cost per click is really calculated, Ad Extensions, . . .

I’ve been spending  the last few days going over my whole AdWords campaign and I’m eager to see the results in improved Ad Effectiveness.

Thank you so much

I’ll be looking forward to your next seminar in July.


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