iOS 5 (and 200+ New Features) Launches

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iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5 Today is the day that Apple will be launching the new iOS 5 (mobile device operating system) and in preparation you want to make sure that you have updated your iTunes to the latest version 10.5.

One of the 200 or so new features that will be included in iOS 5 is the iCloud service announced a few months back (via huffpost). NOTE: if you are an iPad (1) user please review this article before you upgrade – via TNW

Notification Center – All your alerts, all in one place!

New email, texts, friend request etc are always popping through on your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) and now, Notification Center will help you corral them in one convenient place.  With Notification Center, you are able to keep track of them all in one location and access them by a simple ‘down-swipe’ from the top of any screen.

Choosing which notifications you see within the Notification Center is simple and you can set stock tickers and current weather and more. New notifications will appear at the top of you screen, briefly, and shouldn’t interrupt what you are doing (too much).

iOS 5 includes the new iMessage

The New Lock Screen

The new lock screen will display notifications which you can choose to act on with a simple swipe. Apple states “Notification Center is the best way to stay on top of your life’s breaking news”.

iOS5 features a new lock screen

Notifications at top of screen

Messages will now pop at the top of your screen and allow you to click (or tap) them to view the full details.

iOS5 now shows notifications at top of screen


iPad and iPod touch now joins the larger conversation with the addition of iMessage. iOS 5 is a new messaging system that allows you to send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3g from you iPad, iPhone, iTouch to anyone else that has one of those devices. The ability to send text, photos, videos, locations etc are all included as well.

Delivery and reap receipts (like Blackberry Messenger) are available (optional) within iMessage as well as seeing when someone is typing.

HIGHLIGHT: you can even start a conversation with one device and finish it on another.

ios 5 now includes iMessage

Newsstand – for all your subscriptions

Extra! Extra! – all your subscriptions are now located in one place. For those of you that have newpaper and magazine subscriptions that you read through (on) your mobile devices this is a great way to organize them into one place. When you make a new purchase it will go right into your Newstand folder and when new issues become available they will be automatically download (in the background) complete with the latest covers.

iOS 5 now includes Newsstand for all your subscriptions

iCloud = PC Free & Independence for all your iOS devices

Via iOS 5, you will no longer need to connect your computer to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and will be able to activate those devices as well without having to connect. Out-of-the-box is the new wave for all your iOS devices and you can download iOS software updates for free directly to your device (again, without having to connect).

Other Features

There are so many other features that we simply can’t cover them all here. Take a look at Apple’s Full Breakdown for all the details.

A few that we just wanted to mention before we let you go….

Photos – With the new Photos app you can edit photos directly on your iOS device
Safari – Safari is new and improved including Safari Reader displays web articles sans ads or clutter so you can read without distractions. Welcome TABS to the iPad Safari experience as well. (YEY!!)
There are many other updates to Mail, Calendar, Game Center, etc.

Thanks for checking out this article. See some more iOS info here

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