Increased Transparency for AdWords Quality Score

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Earlier this week [4/24/12],  Google put out an update to the way they display Quality Score within your AdWords dashboard. Google posted information about the update on their blog and we have shared the details with you below.

Quality Score is a main component in determining your eCPC or your Actual (effective)  Cost Per Click. It is vital to understand how QS can be improved. Take a look at the highlights below and contact us with questions!

“Using the status hover for a keyword in the Keywords tab, you’ll see the traditional 1-10 numeric score and new ratings for each main factor in Quality Score. The new ratings have a relative scale so you’ll understand whether your performance expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience is average, above average, or below average compared to other advertisers.

We’ve heard from advertisers that having more insight on Quality Score can help you better focus efforts to improve performance. Improving ads quality is great for users, too.

One final note: This launch gives you information you can use to improve your Quality Score, but it doesn’t change how Quality Score or ad rank are calculated.”

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