Google Search by Image

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Google Search by Images

“A Picture is worth 1000 words” is the opening clip in the video below and that truly captures the spirit of the new Search By Image feature for Google Search.

This feature is very similar to an old one from Google you might remember called Google Goggles. That one never really made it out of the gate but this one has more promise.  The simplicity of use for Search By Image is sure to help you search for the things you want in a quicker fashion

You can now have Google scour it’s archives to find images that match (or closely) match the image you provide. Some really cool examples of how it works are show in the video below. But if you want to try it for yourself, do this:

paypalUsing the image to the left, open a new window and load Then, click and drag that image into the search box on the Google search page. it should pop up and say, “drag image here”.

Drag it over and drop it in.

You should then be directed search results showing PayPal (that image is their logo). Pretty Cool Right? Try playing with some more images.

The search feature has many other practical uses included trying to recognize where an old picture was taken, finding clothing or brands and more.

google search by imagesDrag and drop

Drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box on

Upload an image

On, click the camera icon, then select “Upload an image.” Select the image you want to use to start your search.

Copy and paste the URL for an image

Found an image on the web you’re curious about? Right-click the image to copy the URL. On, click the camera icon, and “Paste image URL”.


This new search feature is the 3nd of a set of 3 roll-outs by Google at their recent Inside Search Event. Instant Pages & Voice Search are the other two.

Google Search By Image Video

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