Google+ Open for Business(es)

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Google Plus opens for Business PagesA few weeks ago Google released Google+ Pages for Business opening up the flood gates for businesses to utilize the Social Platform for their business presence.

Google+ continues to evolve and expand as the weeks and months fly by. This newest feature/iteration is long anticipated and has shown the need for a business vertical to the Google+ Social Platform.

Webinar Available

In an attempt to help businesses successfully setup their pages, Google offered a free webinar (as well as “Help Desk Hangouts”) to provide some details and information on the setup and customization suggestions/tips including:

  • Setting up your Google+ Page for your business
  • Best practices and early use cases for using Google+
  • Promoting your Google+ Page
  • Improving the performance of your ads with +1 annotations

The webinar has already taken place so we included the video from it below. Enjoy.


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