Google+ Offers Guide for Politicians and Candidates

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Google+ guide for politicians With the launch of Google+ Pages for Business and the upcoming Election season Google has launched a helpful guide to politicians, elected officials, activists, etc. to assist them in setting up their pages.

As stated by the Google+ Guide “by creating a Google+ Page for your public office or campaign, you and your staff can promote an issue, platform or cause across the web”.Keeping the content on your Google+ Page fresh and interesting will help your followers stay engaged. Sharing pictures and videos of your campaign and the efforts you are taking to improve or address your campaign’s goals will help promote your message as well.

“Elect to Connect”

As the main image of the guide suggests, Google+ is a great place for politicians, organizations, etc to find new ways to connect and share important information online.

Just a few tips/highlights of things you can do with your Google+ Page:

  • Share more with your voters and constituents through a Google+ Page
  • Show what you support, and who supports you with +1
  • Tailor Messages to different audiences with Circles
  • Hangout (or host a ‘Townhall’) with your voters or constituents anywhere in the world, right from your office

One example of using Circles to control who sees your messages:

Google+ offers guides for politicians

For the full guide visit (other guides are accessible from here as well for; Celebs, Media, Non Profits, Sports & Universities)

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