Google Places (previously Google Local)

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Google Places is a free Google Service that allows you the ability to claim your Business’s Listing as it appears on Google Maps.  This is very useful to business owners as it affords you the chance to verify the information Google has for your business including; address information, contact information, photos, services/products offered, etc.  The process of “Claiming” your map listing is pretty simple.

If you are at your business’s location (or your business phone number is your cell phone or forwards to your cell phone) Google will call you with a confirmation code that you can then enter on your Google Places Account.  Once you have your account set up and your listing claimed you can update your pertinent business information to provide a better picture of your business’s offerings.

Beyond basic information, you can also clarify your businesses:
Category (based on Google’s suggestions)
Hours of Operation
Payment Options
and customizable variables

Additionally and perhaps one of the most important features is the ability to verify the actual Map Location of your business.  If your business is shown in the wrong location customers may have a hard time finding you when they use Google Maps on the computer or on their phone.  Too many times I have used the Google Maps application on my smart phone and had the business I was looking for NOT at the location on the map.  This is not only frustrating for the customer but bad for business.  If you need help setting up an account or more information about Google Places, please feel free to contact us.

Google Places & Google Local information

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