Google Places – Claim Your Listing… NOW !

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google places logoGoogle Places is another FREE tool offered by Google and is packaged with some other very useful Small Business Tools (more information to follow). Utilizing Google Places will help you capture more useful & relevant traffic to your business!

Simple Fact – 20% of Searches on Google are related to location

Google Places on SERPs & Maps

How Google Places Works…

People Search or Google Maps looking for a local business.  Business listings are provided (gathered from sources including Websites, Yellow Page data, etc).  Businesses can “claim” their listing using Google Places.   A businesses Google Place Page contains lots of useful information about that business.  This includes; Address, Phone Number, Map View, Business Details, Images, Ratings, Reveiws, and more.

Additionally, businesses are able to post Coupons on their Google Place Page.  As we can see in the graph below, the search demand for “Coupons” has steadily increased and is projected to continue to increase.  It is important to meet demand and Google Places allows you the opportunity to do this easily by adding Coupons to your Google Places Page.

Google Places - Adding Coupons

Getting Started with Google Places

Google Places & Google Local information

Step 1: Go to and select Google Places

Step 2: Enter your country and business phone number

Step 3: Enter/Edit your businesses details

Step 4: Verify your listing

Get onto Google Places and verify your listing today.  Make sure to get your clients to write some reviews about your business as that will help you show up higher in the Google Places Listings on the Maps.  Utilizing the free tools available through Google and other networks will help drive more traffic to your website and more business to your company/organization.

some data/images furnished by Google

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