Google Offering Bribes? $100 Reactivation Coupons

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Google AdWords - $100 Reactivation CouponsAre you a Google AdWords account holder that has an ‘lame-duck’ account?  Well Google says, “Here’s $100. Please spend it all in one place… here!”

Some advertisers have been receiving emails from Google saying “we’re sorry to see that you’ve stopped advertising with Google, and we want to help…”

“To improve your experience, we’ve made a lot of changes to the product to make it even easier for you to increase your sales and leads”

In the past, Google has offered these vouchers to NEW advertisers to entice them to get running on AdWords for the first time.  Coupons have traditionally been distributed via direct mail, print ads, at conferences and more.  However, this seems to be the first time that existing AdWords account holders are offered the vouchers (beyond some specific, special promotions usually through agencies or seminars).


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