Google Makes Call Metrics Available

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google announces call metrics availabilityThis morning [7/19] Google is announcing that the availability of its Call Metrics (call-tracking capability) is going to be available to Canadian and US AdWords Advertisers.

By assigning and positioning a toll-free forwarding phone number beside your ad, Call Metrics allows you to track who calls your number, the length of the call, what keywords prompted the ad, etc.

AdWords registers the calls and forward it (instantly) to your business line. To date, Google has connected more than 5million of these calls for thousands of businesses using AdWords to drive traffic to their business.  One VERY interesting stat is that these calls last, on average, 6 minutes. That should tell you that these are quality calls that come through and there is some real communication between the caller and the business. Note: this is an average, some calls are shorter, some are longer.

google click to call metrics now available


Other useful features rolling out:

More detailed reporting

Showing the time, duration, and caller area were added to Call Metrics reports back in a March enhancement. User feedback has prompted the availability of this information at the Ad Group and Campaign levels for Manually Dialed calls.

Note: there are manually dialed call where the users punches the number into a phone by hand, vs a Mobile Click to Call which is a feature that allows Mobile Searches to simply click the phone number (instead of the ad) and have the call initiate right away.

The Mobile Click To Call data segments are available as well.  In addition, you’ll be able to see if the manually dialed call-ins came after seeing an ad on a desktop, notebook, or tablet. Very Cool.

New Pricing For Certain Calls

$1 USD fees are applied to calls that are made manually.  This is compared to the Mobile Click to Call which, remaining unaltered, will continue to be charged as a regular mobile ad click.

Name Change

This one is simple.  To prevent any confusion, the currently available Phone Extensions feature will be renamed to Call Extensions.

In The Future

In this post,where this information first appeared, Google also states that they plan to “incorporate calls into Ad Rank calculations, which determine an ad’s position and cost per click. At that time,  you’ll be able to influence your ad position by specifying a bid per call greater than $1.00 USD. This will parallel the way that clickthrough rate (CTR) and max CPC bids can influence Ad Rank today.”

“To get started with Call Metrics, sign into AdWords and click on the Ad Extensions tab. Select Call Extensions in the shaded View drop down box. Select your country, then enter the business phone number where you’d like to receive calls for this campaign. Finally, select the check box for Call metrics. “

Google Click To Call Metrics Announced


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