Pages Load Instantly, with Google Instant Pages

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Google Instant PagesAnnouncing Google Instant Pages” headlines the Google Webmaster Central Blog releasing information about the new Google Search feature which takes instant ‘getification’ just one step further.

As if Google predicting what you want to search for and refreshing your results before you finish typing wasn’t enough, Google Instant Pages makes your search experience even quicker!

During Google’s Tuesday [6/14] Media Event, labeled Inside Search, the Search Giant made 3 major search improvement announcements that are sure to make your search experience even more enjoyable, and faster.  We’ve covered 1 of the 3 in this post, and cover the other 2 (Voice Search & Search by Image) in additional posts.

The basic “Problem to be Solved” that this new feature tackles lies in the realm of the load time of the pages you click into after you search. Google has done some really great stuff to cut down the amount of time it takes for you to do a search, Google Instant for one (refreshing the serps page live as you type your query), among others.  The key thing to note is that it has been hard for Google to do anything about the pages your are then trying to access, AFTER search.

Well, they now have. With Google Instant Pages, you will get your desired search results even faster, in some cases even instantly!  “The Instant Pages feature is enabled by prerendering technology that we are building into Chrome and then is intelligently triggered by web search when we’re very confident about which result it the best answer for your search”. As of now, this seems to be a Chrome only feature. So if you want to see it/use it, start using Chrome.

The video below does a good job of showing exactly what that all means.

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