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Optimizing your Google AdWords Pay Per Click Accounts to better perform is a daily task that, when performed correctly, can transform your marketing efforts.  Proper Optimization of your Pay Per Click Account can help you see major spikes in Conversions & Lead Quality and increase ROI.

There are many strategies of PPC Account Optimization but for this article, let’s just discuss a few.

PPC Optimization Strategies:

Pay Per Click Budget Hogs

Pay Per Click Budget Hoggers

Taking Control of Keywords or Ad Groups that tend to “Hog” the available Budget for a Campaign can offer other Keywords & Ad Groups the opportunity to perform and hopefully drive more traffic and leads.  Check out information on Pay Per Click Budget Hogs

Pre-Qualifying Your PPC Traffic w/ Targeted Ad Text

Pre Qualify PCC Traffic w/ Ad Text

Are you getting lots of clicks in your Google AdWords account but not seeing a good Conversion Rate.  You may want to consider Pre-Qualifying your Traffic with more Targeted Ads.  This should help better target the people clicking on your ads keeping unwanted clicks away.

Pausing Poorly Performing Keywords

Pausing Poorly Performing Keywrods

Without fail, no matter how much you think you know what Keywords will perform the best, there are ALWAYS Keywords that perform poorly.  To note: there is a difference between poor performers and non performers.

Non Performers are keywords that are just simply not generating impressions, or very few. These keywords don’t generally have any negative effect because they aren’t generating poor click thru rates.

Poor Performing Keywords are keywords that are for one reason or another pulling down the performance history of your account. Low Click Thru Rates, Low relevance, Poor Conversion Rates and more are all factors that can help you identify poorly performing keywords.


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