Google AdWords Advertisers – Target Tablet Users

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Google AdWords Advertisers can now target tablets separatelyAdding to a slew of very specific targeting options for Google AdWords Advertisers, ability to separately target Tablet Users [iPad, Android, etc] has now been added.

AdWords advertisers can target users on Desktops/Laptops, Mobile and now Tablets including Android, iOS (apple) and webOS.


The addition of this functionality is just one more way that AdWords set’s itself apart from other online advertising platforms.  Using this component allows you to continue drilling down your marketing strategy and more specifically target your ads at the right audience.

Furthermore, targeting is only the beginning as we are sure that visible analytics for users on the different devices will be available as well.  This will let you as an advertiser see if your ads are performing well on Desktop/Laptop vs Mobile Devices vs Tablet devices.

Google AdWords advertisers can now target tablet users specifically

Google introduced the new functionality in a Blog Post

In the next couple of weeks, the “Networks and Devices” section of your Settings tab within your AdWords account will include a new targeting option titled “Tablets with full browsers.” In addition, you’ll be able to select more precisely the types of devices and operating systems on which your AdWords ads will show. Tablet targeting will be available initially for Apple devices only, but we’ll expand ad serving to other specific devices in the near future.

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