Series: Google AdWords 101 – Quality Score

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Google AdWords 101 - Where Ads AppearEverything we have been talking about in this section comes down to this: Quality Score is KEY! The higher your Quality Score, the lower your costs.

So now that we know this is important, what do we do? We’ve outlined a few things to review when considering Quality Score’s effect on your account.

What exactly is the Mystical Quality Score?

AdWords Quality Score is a way for Google to measure user experience and interaction with your ads and landing pages (the page that an ad click takes a user to).  Not only do you need a relevant ad, but you also want to make sure that your ad is bringing people to the right page (landing page), and that people are having a good experience when they get there.

Google AdWords 101 - Quality Score ExplainedOur example here shows Ernie who, as we all know, LOVES rubber duckies.  So Ernie does a search for rubber duckies and is shown an ad, this is a quality advertisement.

It shows the search term, info that tells Ernie he can find lots of ducks, etc.  Furthermore, this ad takes Ernie to a site with lots of things, not just ducks. So it is very important to take him directly to the correct page, the rubber ducks page.

Note on Landing Page Relevance

We want to bring users as close to the BUY NOW page as possible so they do not get lost. We don’t want them to get lost, we don’t want them to have to browse around the site.  Instead, we want them to be taken directly to the page with the info they want. This is very, very important and has a big impact on Quality score.  Having people come and convert and having a good experience.

Other Key Components of Quality Score:

Ad Relevance & Keyword Relevance (best achieved through Account Structure)
Click Thru Rate
Historical Performance (good CTR, Conversion rate)

Where do I see my keyword’s Quality Scores?

First, what is considered a good Quality Score? Anything within 7-10, out of 10, used to be considered the goal range for Keyword Quality Scores. That has come down a bit and now anything 5-10 is considered acceptable.

The way to see your Quality Score is to take a look at your Keyword tab from within your account. You can look at all the keywords in your account or only those within a particular Ad Group or Campaign.  Rolling over the little bubble next to the keyword will pop up a view of the Quality Score.

Additionally, if you have a low rating, Google will often tell you why. So if you have a problem with your Landing Page load time, it may tell you. If there is a problem with the Keyword Relevancy, you’ll see that as well.

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