Series: Google AdWords 101 – Quality Score & Ads

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Google AdWords 101 - Quality Score and AdsOne of the components to Quality Score is your Ad’s Relevance to the keywords you choose to purchase as well as the search term the user provides.

Understanding that proper Ad Text (calls-to-action, keyword inclusion, etc) leads to a more relevant ad and therefore higher quality score, helps you recognize the correlation between Ads & Quality Score.

How Does Quality Score relate to Ads?

Google AdWords 101 - How Quality Score relates to Ads

There are 3 ads here that will show for the search term “buy organic eggs”. Which ad do you think has the highest Quality Score or relevance to the search term?

The 1st ad shows, fresh and tasty, no minimum order, 5 miles, etc. But notice no mention of organic eggs or buying eggs. We want to see that the ad is directly related, as close as possible, to what the person is searching for.

The 2nd ad gets a little bit better. We see, fresh and tasty eggs, organic, no minimum order, etc. This gets closer to what the user is searching for. It mentions both eggs, and the fact that they are organic. This is clearly better then the 1st. Now, let’s take a look at the 3rd ad.

Our 3rd ad shows organic eggs, fresh eggs, no minimum order, a price, a call to action (call us), and even mentions “free delivery”. This is our winner. This ad does the best job of the 3 to compel us to click. It gives us all the information that we need.

As noted in the slide, quality score is a measure of how relevant and useful your ads are (in relation to the search term). It therefore makes sense to ask yourself, “do my ads & keywords provide a good user experience”. The better experience for the user, generally speaking, the better you Quality Score.

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