Series: Google AdWords 101 – Introduction

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Google AdWords 101: IntroductionGoogle AdWords is the advertising platform from Google, this is where Google initially made the bulk of it’s money and remains a very large piece of the overall revenue stream.

Google has tons of people using their search engine and now they’re advertising to those people.  Advertisers are using AdWords to show up on Google pages and get traffic and clicks. 

On the surface, this is pretty simple, pretty straightforward. It’s valuable to note, you have advertisers on search pages but also on search partners and then also on the display network. We are going to cover the difference shortly.

A Search Page with AdWords Ads

Google AdWords 101 - Search Page

Some Common Questions

We have a lot of people ask, “how do I get my ad into the first position?”

We will cover the concept of Quality score shortly. But for a short answer to showing in the first position, you will need a good quality score and a competitive bid.

Is AdWords right for my small business?

We believe that AdWords is good for just about any business, large or small.  The most important step is to set your goals at the onset and make sure your strategy is aimed at meeting those goals.

How do you write good ads and how do I choose the right keywords?

Writing the best ads revolves around structuring your account so the ads that show for selected keywords contain the proper verbiage to appeal to those people searching. There’s lots of tips we will cover soon.

How much will I be charged and how am I charged?

How much you are charged is based on a budget (daily/monthly) that you set for your account. You can choose a prepay option of your account where you load a certain amount of funds to your account or a post pay option where you pay after you have accrued a certain amount of clicks.

Where will my ads appear?

We will be covering the difference between the different AdWords networks advertisers can show their ads in a later slide.

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