Series: Google AdWords 101 – How Google Ranks Ads

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Google AdWords 101 - Where Ads AppearThis installment is a multi-parter. This set of posts will talk about how Google Ranks Ads.

Having a full understanding of the way ads are ranked, the components of the ranking system, and how to optimize your ads and keywords will mean lower costs.  Remember to consider your Quality Score, Account Structure and more. Details here and in the subsequent slides.

In these posts we will cover:

•    How the AdWords auction works
•    How Google Calculates Ad Rank (your place in the auction)
•    How Quality Score is calculated (and how it relates to ads)
•    What’s Max CPC? And how does all this affects what you actually pay for a click?

Ok, so there is a little bit of math involved in this section and I want everyone to try and stay with us.   We are going to discuss how the AdWords auction works as well as how Google calculates your place in the auction. We will cover how Quality Score is calculated and what is Max CPC. We will then tie it all together to see how all these factors affect what you pay for a click.

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