Google +1 Button For Websites Coming Soon

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Google Plus 1 Button almost available for websitesA few weeks ago [3/31/11] we put out a post about a new Google SERP’s feature called Goolge +1 Button.  We have an update that we wanted to share with you.

Today [5/10/11] at Google’s I/O conference Google offered those in attendance a sneak peak at the Google +1 Button active and inserted into a website.  Open availability to the button will be accessible “in a matter of weeks”.

What is the Google +1 Button?

A new featured for Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to push more into the social side of online experience.  The concept for Google +1 is that it’s a way for users to very simply show their approval or “vote of confidence” for a site. [Google +1 Post – 3/31/11]

Google +1 button screen shots


Installing the buttons is supposedly very straight forward and done through a simple form.  Customizations are also available to those looking to change the size, language, etc.

Google’s +1 Button would most likely be included with the rest of your site’s social media sharing icons and will display (if you choose) the total +1’s for that page, post, story, site, etc.

Tracking Activity and Analytics

One apparent feature that really gets us excited is the ability to track activity and view analytical data. (we’re always a bit over excited by analytics 🙂 ).  After your +1 button receives a certain amount of ‘action’ you will be able to see anonymous data such as; +1 from your site, +1 from other sites, etc.

Analytics for the Google +1 Button

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According to sources, the analytics and other data will be available through Google Webmaster Central once the buttons are released.  The +1 Button for your site is currently by invite only, so if you have not yet registered, make sure to do so now.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

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