Google: 1 Billion Served (monthly)

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Google Serves 1 Billion Users MonthlyAccording to reports from comScore, Google found itself setting a major record in the month of May.  Google became the first company to ever hit the 1 billion users landmark.  Google websites saw a rise in traffic by 8.4% compared to May of 2010.

Microsoft, with a 905 million unique visitor count rose 15% while Facebook rose 30% to 714 million.

It is important to note that “Google Websites” means more than just This grouping includes the search engine, email service by GMail, video-sharing site YouTube, and more.  In the past five years, Google’s number of visitors has more than doubled (496 million in 2006).

An interesting side note to this stat is a different, maybe more important metric (at least to many advertisers).  The lead in Time-On-Site (the amount of time a users spends on a page or website) is comfortably held by the Social Media juggernaut Facebook.

Facebook users spent 250 Billion minutes on the social platform (up about 66.6% from last year) while Microsoft site users spent about 204 billion minutes (down 13.6%).  Google saw a rise in time-on-site by 13% to about 200 billion user minutes per month.

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