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Getting Online Job RecommendationsPotential Employers, Clients, Customers and more are all looking for information about you or your business to help them in the decision making process of whether to hire you, buy your product, contract your company etc.

To make sure that they find what they are looking for it is important that you take some basic steps to provide them with useful, relevant recommendations that will be easily accessible online.

Recommendation Building Strategies:

Before you get started, it is important to develop a strategy detailing who you will ask and also, what you will ask for.  What type of message are you trying to offer through these recommendations? What would you want the viewer to understand about you or your business?

Figuring out what you want these reviews to express is key here.  If you are interested in presenting a different part of your business, or a specific part of your experience to viewers, make sure that you ask those clients or bosses that can speak directly to that.

Recommendations can help the viewer connect with you on different levels and also helps them understand different facets of your business that might not be so clear.  Perhaps a DJ has a Bar Mitzvah Boy post an ‘endorsement’ about what a great time they had with the DJ hosting their party. Perhaps he talks about how great it was that the DJ was able to make an Ice Skating Rink Bar Mitzvah the best ever.  Someone who may look at this will understand that this DJ is not just doing the normal party but instead has the ability to be creative and adapt to whatever venue the party is at.

Who do I ask for my Endorsements?

Be sure to ask for reviews from those who you know and trust to not only write a quality review/endorsement but also speak highly of you if contacted by a potential client/employer in the future.  Having reviews help the viewer understand that you are not just fabricating your portfolio or past experience but instead, you are someone who can be trusted and relied upon to get the job done.

Additionally, make sure to ask people in different positions who have worked with you in different capacities.  Ask your boss/client, ask a co-worker, or some other professional in your industry.  If you own a business and work with an industry association or a commonly used supplier, ask them. Having the proper balance is vital.

Get started building Recommendations/Endorsements!

Linkedin Endorsements & RecommendationsFor a simple start, there are many sites and resources available to help you ask for and compile recommendations or endorsements for the work you have done.  One of the simpler ones is LinkedIn. Many of us already use and have active profiles on LinkedIn. Furthermore, many of us already have connections to the people we may ask to endorse us and LinkedIn makes it very easy.

Head over to you LinkedIn account and check out your Recommendations Page.  The process is pretty and you can manage your endorsements as they come in.

Be sure to share everything you compile on your website, in your resume, on Facebook or Monster/Careerbuilder etc!  We hope this was useful.  Get started with this as soon as you can and you should see some good feedback from your potential clients or employers.


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