Get Paid To: Use Facebook … Watch Ads

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Facebook Paying Credits To Users Watching Ads

On Thursday [5/5/11] Facebook introduced a new program that effectively offers users incentives to watch advertisements while on the platform. That incentive? A round-about cash payment.

Facebook will soon reward users who watch certain adverts with Facebook Credits.


With the recent announcement that credits can be used to purchase Facebook Deals (good for tangible, real world products), this most recent news means that watching ads can lead to real money/goods for your. While the incentive is there, it is not very large. First reports say the average credit yield is only ‘ONE’ (which equates to about 10 cents).

Facebook Deals: the new, Groupon-ish daily deals service offered by Facebook.

Game publishers like Crowdstar, Zynga & Digital Chocolate are among those that seem to be participating and ads serving will be provided by Facebook, working through Sharethrough, SocialVibe, Epic Media and others.  Analytics will be run through TrialPay.

Seemingly aimed at addressing Facebook’s low click-through rater, the new offering should help increase advertisement interaction (views, clicks, etc).

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