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Footprints - Mobile ApplicationThere’s a new mobile device application that lets you keep track of things. What kind of things? People… While many people are fussing over iPhones & Android Phones recent tracking issues, there seems to be some good interest in this new app.

The Footprints App allows you to track the location of your kids, spouse, friends or anyone else that gives their ‘permission’.

In order to add a user to your Footprints list you will first need to have that user’s permission.  Once you do, you are able to see exactly where that user is located on a map.

Now, family and friends can locate each other, parents can keep track of their children’s whereabouts, couples can know that their loved ones arrived safely at their destination, and managers can keep track of employees in the field.

An interesting feature that many parents may find useful is the ability to see just how fast the trackee is moving allowing you to make sure your children are not speeding.  Parents can also setup the parental control feature making it so that the tracking cannot be turned off by the kids.  “So Johnny, you said you were at the library last night….?”

Other, more practical uses allow boses to install the apps on their employees phones to track them during the workday.

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