First Page Bid Report (FPBR)

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When utilizing a search engine, most users will perform a search and check results on the first page only.  We are all guilty of that and there is nothing wrong with it.  We have become smarter in the way that we search and therefore when we do not find what we need on the first page we most likely will change our search term.  As an advertiser, it is important to understand this trend and plan your ad positioning strategy accordingly.

This is where the First Page Bid Report (FPBR) comes into play as a useful tool in optimizing the performance of your account.  By utilizing the FPBR in Google, you can identify the Keywords in your account that are NOT showing on the first page of results.  Once you have pulled out those keywords you can determine which keywords warrant a Cost Per Click increase to help get them onto the First Page of results.  Increasing your CPC is one way of improving the position at which your ad shows.  Additionally, you can work to improve the Quality Score of your Ads.

Be mindful though when you increase your CPC’s.  While getting all your keywords on the first page will help you with exposure and increase impressions, you need to keep a close eye on your account performance (spend and ROI most importantly) in the days and weeks following these changes.  It is important to allow the system to work through the changes that you have made.  The size and spend of your account will effect how much time you should allow in between making large scale changes.

Larger accounts that receive a lot of impressions will tend to show you the trending you can expect in a shorter amount of time than smaller accounts with less impressions.  I usually allow about 2 weeks on smaller accounts and 5-7 days on larger accounts.  If you have a very large account, it would be recommended that you prepare the large scale change but roll it out in smaller sections.

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