Websites Seized by Feds Play Antipiracy Message

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Websites Seized by Feds Play Antipiracy messageThis past monday [cyber monday] federal agencies seized 150 websites in an effort to cut down on piracy as part of their “Operation In Our Sites” campaign. The basis of the campaign is to seize the names of websites that sell counterfeit merchandise or take part in illegal sharing of copyrighted material (music, movies, etc)

What is very interesting is that while some of the sites are for illegal downloads of music and videos many are not. On many of the sites the Feds dropped an Antipiracy Video [below].


Previously, when sites like or, were seized the feds would post a few scary badges and an even scarier notice [see photo below]. They took it one step further yesterday posting the video.

It is interesting to see how this all plays out for 2 reasons; the law is unclear if the federal government even has the authority to use the domains in this way and second, many of these sites have nothing to do with piracy.


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