Facebook’s Project Titan Launching Monday? …. Gmail Killer?

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This Monday, November 15, 2010 it is believed that Facebook will be introducing an email interface to the masses.  This is all speculation until the launch but it has been “leaked” from many sources.  The thought is that users will be able to sign up with @facebook.com (or maybe fb.com or facebookmail.com, etc).  Furthermore, it seems as though Facebook has it’s sights set on taking down online email giant Gmail.

Google and Facebook have been in a back and forth “slap fight” as described in this post on techcrunch.  There are varying ideas of how Facebook Mail is going to work, whether it will be worked directly into the interface (I would think so) or if their will be a separate (outlook web access) type of login.

Additionally, as reported by multiple sources, your facebook.com (or other) email account will be a POP3/IMAP which would mean the ability to add it to your favorite email client.  This would include clients such as Outlook, Entourage, Mac Mail, etc. An interesting question is whether or not GMail, which lets you add other POP3 email address to it’s interface (I would think not).

There is not much time to debate or wonder about all these questions as it seems to be inevitable that Titan will be launching in less than 24 hours.

facebook project titan seems to be launching november 15, 2010

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