Facebook Shuts Down ‘Places’

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Facebook Shuts Down Facebook PlacesFacebook’s Foursquare ‘competitor’ Facebook places, was just shut down by the social networking giant. Did you use it? Do you care?

The fact of the matter is that most people did NOT use the Location based offering and that is why it got the complete ‘axe’. Facebook appears to have admitted defeat in the check-in game.

It’s About Time!

Although you may have seen some of your friends using Facebook Places, or you may have even used it yourself, the truth is that Places was simply not being used enough for the company to continue supporting it.  The main competition for Places was (is) the Location based check-in service, Foursquare.

Because many people were already using Foursquare when Places was launched it was an up-hill battle from the start. Additionally, for those people that were interested in sharing with their Facebook friends, Foursquare very easily integrates with your Facebook account, making the use of Places even less necessary.

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