Facebook Messaging System – Some Questions

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In my Previous Post I offered some details about today’s Facebook Messaging System presentation.  Here are a few questions that sparked in my mind during and after the release.

Increased amount of spam received through Facebook:
If people begin to use Facebook more and more for communications, and utilize other methods less and less, then the value of targeting people ON or THROUGH Facebook increases considerably.  For a spammer or just a regular business person the next logical step would be to target someone through the use of the Facebook Messaging System.  I foresee an increase in the junk, garbage, spam, etc. that you will be receiving through Facebook.  While Facebook suggests that you will have a Junk Folder, that seems to be less for junk and more just for communications from people outside of your friend network (friends and friends of friends).  One of the best parts of being on Facebook besides the stalking capabilities, is the general ease of handling junk communications.  I feel this may be diminished as more people send out that junk.

Privacy Issues (of course) in regards to Conversation History:
The idea of the Conversation History as described in the Previous Post seems to be OK for simple communications with friends. However, consider that all your communications with someone is being stored in one place.  Privacy Issues arise when you consider how easy it is for someone who may be able to gain access to this information to take advantage of it.  If someone was to hack your email account for example, it might take some time for them to collect all data and communications between you and someone else. In this case, it is readily available.  Furthermore, it makes it much easier for Facebook, if they so choose, to share that information with data-mining companies who may want to spam you based on certain metrics.  This is pretty high level concerns and I would of course assume that you can just opt out of the whole system all together.

Does not appear to be a very good business solution:
As I mentioned in the previous post, this does not seem to be a very good Business solution. And perhaps that will change but perhaps that is just the way it will always be.  Email absolutely will still be the preferred form of business communications and this system will be used more for casual and formal connecting. Zuckerberg explained the ability to add attachments but somewhat danced around the question of storage limits (just a little bit). Saying that if you are using the system properly (and not for spam purposes) that you should have nothing to worry about.  OK, so can I send a dozen 1 Gig emails with attachments everyday (and then have them stored in the Conversation Thread?)  I would think not.  There HAS to be limits.

No IMAP (yet) or POP3 access:
While it is described that IMAP will be available “soon”, their is currently no way to access your @facebook.com email address via other Email Clients such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.  The @facebook.com email address will be used for facebook communications only it seems and for now you will need to be logged into Facebook (or a Facebook mobile app) to receive email sent to that address (there may be an option to have those messages receieved via SMS, but i am not sure).

Message Forwarding:
It seems that you will be able to forward messages.  They did not really touch much on this, but I think they mentioned that you will be able to forward certain parts of conversations but I am not sure if you can forward WHOLE conversations (to an email or what not).

I had other questions but they were a bit more technical and I didn’t want to bore you (anymore than I already have).  Once again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly at contact (@) ube-inc.com

thanks and come back soon.

Facebook Messaging System was announced today

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