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Well there was a lot of information presented during the Facebook Live presentation of the Live Launch of Project Titan (Facebook Messaging System).  I am going to try and get you the main points and some questions and issues that I feel stem from the announcements. If you have any questions or would like me to expand on anything, feel free to email us.  contact (@) ube-inc.com.

First and foremost. the email address issue: according to the presentation, users will now have the option of using an email address of username@facebook.com. For some of us, like me, this is nice and clean (sethmeyerowitz@).  For others I presume, not as clean (seth.meyerowitz or other variations based on when your registered and how many other people had the same name as you).

Additionally, the system will be rolled out slowly and by invitation only at the outset.  So don’t expect to use this anytime soon (perhaps a few months away even).

Main Take Away:
I believe that the main message to take away from the announcement and launch of Facebook Messaging System is that Facebook believes there is a need to improve the quality of the way people connect with each other.  Firstly, the presentation seemed to me to give off the impression that this is NOT (at this time atleast) going to be a very good solution for business or professional communication.  My feeling is that this is meant more for SIMPLE communications between two people, although Marc Zuckerberg [Facebook Co-Founder] seemed to allude that you can “add” people to threads (more info below about this).

Additionally, a major part of the software will be the inter-connectivity of communication devices such as email, facebook chat, SMS, etc.

Facebook Messaging System Announced

Seamless Messaging:
As it was presented, communications between you and a friend will be logged as conversations.  Anytime you communicate (through the system), whether through Facebook Messages, Email (@facebook.com), or through SMS (like current SMS notifications), it will be added to a thread or conversation that you have with that person and show in your Social Inbox (below).  There was an example shown of someone “chatting” on Facebook Chat with a friend. The friend asked “hey do you want to get lunch at that place you mentioned last week”, the presenter was then able to pull up his thread for the week prior and see which place he was referring to. He then logged out of Facebook to meet the friend and received a SMS message from said friend to pick up Anna (other friend coming for lunch).  The idea of seamless is that that person messaging me doesn’t need to know that I signed off but instead just sends me a chat message which is then sent via SMS.  Additonally, i would have the ability to reply via SMS or even email that person (presumably to their @facebook.com email address) and have that added to the “thread”.  Confused yet.  I promise it is all easier then it sounds.

Conversation History:
The second part of the system, as detailed, we already touched on and is the Conversation History.  The concept here is a bit more simple.  A central location for all communications between you and a friend that Facebook is aware of.  This seems nice and all but from what I could understand (they didn’t really show many examples) there is ONE conversation with a particular person. What if i want to have separate conversations or end one conversation to then move onto another.  I am not really sure how or if this would work.

Social Inbox:
All the messages that you receive will go into your Inbox. Presumably this means SMS messages, emails, chats, etc.  You will be able to see 3 different sections of this Inbox being 1. People you keep in close touch with 2. Everyone else 3. Junk.

Again, I, as others, have a lot of questions about exactly how all this will function as we do not yet have access to it.

An important thing to note is that Zuckerberg stated “this is not a GMail killer”.  Instead, he offered that this was a NEW way of messaging. A simpler , “less formal”, way of keeping in touch and keeping track of messages.

This post is getting a bit long so I am going to offer some questions that I had in my next post.

Facebook Messaging System was announced today

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