Facebook Launches Facebook Deals

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Facebook Launches Facebook DealsIn an effort to not to be “out-done” by Google’s recent Offers announcement, Facebook has launched Facebook Deals.  Many industries insiders have seen this coming and are actually surprised it has taken as long as it has.

Facebook Deals will be Facebook’s competing feature to the increasingly popular Groupon product.  Deals is launching in 5 cities starting Tuesday, April 26th 2011.

Facebook Deals will be available to San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta and San Diego to start and Deals will be delivered via Email and will also appear in the user’s news feeds.  Sign Up for the new Deals product is available right now for all users but only those in the 5 cities will be able to use it right away. According to reports, those in the 5 cities who register now should be able to see the deals in the next few hours.

More like Foursquare…. or Groupon?

Facebook recently announced Facebook DealsFacebook Places and the newly launched Facebook Deals should work in conjunction with each other and allow users to find “Places” and also see the “Deals” that may be offered by that establishment.  The Deals feature is NOT like Foursquare, as previously expected, but instead is much like Groupon in that users will buy a certificate for certain services or products at major discounts. This is the second product launch in less than a week set to take on the ever expanding, quickly evolving Groupon.

Just a few days ago, Google announced Google Offers. Google’ own attempt at taking a bite out of the Groupon Pie.

One last, VERY important note is that users will be able to purchase the Deals with Facebook Credits.  This should allow for a nice, more widespread integration of the virtual currency as a way to buy/pay for real world products/goods.  This is pretty interesting because it leads us to believe that more and more things may soon be able to be bought with those Facebook Credits.

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