Facebook Hopes To Be Hub For Music & Video

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Faecbook Hopes to become Music & Video HubFacebook wants EVEN MORE of your time.

Essentially, Facebook wants to be your go to location for more than just chatting with friends. They have announced partnerships with online music & video companies for a new feature launch which will integrate outside media components right into your profiles and other Facebook pages.

The Future of Facebook

We put up a post a while back about what we thought the future would hold for Facebook.  It seems that some of our predictions are reigning true and new announcements about what Facebook wants its users to do (and be able to do) may change the way we use the web.

A new widget or tab will present the feature that Facebook says will show on user’s profile pages.  It may display the songs a user is listening to (or has listened to) the most and allow for friends to comment, share, and listen.  The plan is for Facebook users to have the ability to do the same thing with both video and television content.

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing

Facebook Music & VideoTalks of a possible partnership with Spotify, among others, have been rumbling through the media. Facebook comments that it does not want to align itself with just one music service and instead offer multiple solutions.

We think the new software/feature will allow for much more sharing and conversation of what you are watching, listening to etc.  Videos, TV & Music all come into ‘play’ here and a friend will be able to chat with you as they see you are watching a The Office or listening to Lady Gaga’s newest album.

As we said in our earlier post, Facebook looks to want to be an ‘operating system’ online.  Being your central location for most of the things you do, if not all.

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