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Do you think you’ve got the art of Facebook Stalking down to a science?  If you haven’t heard of or used the new Facebook Friendship Pages than your just an amateur.  Facebook Friendship pages are relatively new and if you haven’t seen them yet, take a look.  The easiest way to pull it up is to find a comment that you have made on a friend’s profile. You should then be able to see something that says “See Friendship”.  Give that a click and you’ll be on your first Friendship Page. (i have included an example of that link below [my cousin’s profile page])

facebook friendship pages

If you can’t find the Friendship Page you’re looking for, there’s a pretty easy trick to access the page for two people.  Simply identify the username or Facebook ID for each person (you can find this by visiting their Profile page and looking at the URL, it will either include a user name or the string id=NUMBERS, where NUMBERS is their unique ID).  You can then put it into the following URL:


Once you are on the page it is easy to pull up other friendships via the “Browse Friendships” section (top right side of the page).  The interesting thing about this feature is that you are not limited to YOU and someone else.  In fact, YOU do not need to be in the equation.  You can look at 2 other people’s Friendship.


Many people have complained and sighted privacy issues and what not.  The truth of the matter though is that this information has already been available in one way or another (while a bit more complicated) for quite some time.  Facebook has been under the microscope since they came out for matters of privacy and will continue to be.  For a site that has access to such a vast amount of personal information it is only natural.  What people need to understand is that if you are on Facebook, anything you do might be publicly displayed one day.  If you are still concerned, make sure to utilize Facebook’s privacy options.


One other tip is that if you are sensitive about Facebook tracking your browsing habits (both on Facebook and on the rest of the internet), make sure that when you are browsing (off facebook) that you log out of your Facebook account.  Leaving a tab open with Facebook signed in allows for a lot of tracking of your habits.  If you dont feel like logging out all the time, try running a different browser (not a different window, but a different browser) for Facebook and for general use.  For example, load Facebook in Internet Explorer and use Firefox for general web surfing.

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