Facebook Expands ‘Share’ Options

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Facebook Expands Share OptionsFacebook recently rolled out (quietly) an addition to the Sharing capabilities of the site and on external properties.  The feature shift allows users to choose between new ‘Share’ options.

With the ability to now share items: on a friends wall, on your wall, in a group or in a private message.


This feature expansion continues in the same spirit as the new SEND button, recently released.  In addition, the new capability highlights Facebook’s main focus of enabling users to generate conversations around all types of content.

Facebook ButtonsThe more Facebook can act as the center of the larger conversation, the more users will use Facebook to have conversations.

A rather new feature, we have yet to see any information on whether users are utilizing this component more than the other buttons; send, like, share, etc.  However, Facebook reports that the new Share button is implemented on more than 25,000 sites.


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